Them: Pozières: The Battle of the Somme

In late July 1916, the Australians fought their first action in the Battle of the Somme. At this point the British strategy focused on the seizure of the r

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Beersheba: The Charge of the 4th Light Horse The Battle in Brief. The charge of the 4th Australian Light Horse at Beersheba late in the afternoon of 31 October 1917, is remembered as the last great cavalry charge.

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Battles 1942 - Desert Rats Engagements - 1942 . During 1942 the 7th Armoured Division was involved in the following battles and campaigns. These include Gazala and the Cauldron, First Alamein.

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Battle of Bardia - Wikipedia The Battle of Bardia was fought over three days between 3 and 5 January 1941, as part of Operation Compass, the first military operation of the Western Desert.

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The Institute for Defence and Security Studies NSW Journal. The Institute for Defence and Security Studies NSW aims to promote informed debate on, and to improve public awareness and understanding of, defence and national.

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Battle of El Agheila - Wikipedia The Battle of El Agheila was a brief engagement of the Western Desert Campaign of the Second World War. It took place in December 1942 between Allied forces of the.

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HMAS Nizam | Royal Australian Navy HMAS Nizam was one of eight N Class destroyers laid down in British yards during 1939 to the order of the Royal Navy. Five (Napier, Nestor, Nepal, Nizam and Norman (I.

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